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Many people can rhyme, so they say. But only handfuls become poets. Why? Because they rhyme in a way that has finesse, innovation and the ability to speak to people’s hearts; capture their minds. Same can be said about the Direct-to-Home sector in India.

There are many players; big and small. They’ve been there for many years, and tried to catch people’s attention with a lot of so-called unique features. But only one of them could make it as the best product of the year 2010 by peoples’ vote.

Videocon d2h is a relatively new kid in the block. Yet since the moment of its inclusion it has created waves in the market with its funky new user experience.

With 246 channels and interactive services on offer, Videocon d2h focuses on making those small changes that would make watching TV a lot more convenient for you. Combined, these small changes make for a totally different and intelligent television experience.

Let’s take an overview. Videocon d2h provides DVD quality pictures and CD quality sound with MPEG4 and DVB-S2 compressions. The users get high quality video and audio for all the channels. Plus there are a number of Active services including Active Finance, Active DD… and also other features like selectively bundled channel packages, add-on packs and single-standing channels as well as movies on demand… similar to the services you have been promised by all other Direct-to-Home service providers. But then, how can one claim that Videocon d2h is better?

For the answer, you need to look into the way Videocon presents these services to you.
Firstly, the channels in Videocon d2h are not chosen because they add to the number. They are chosen and arranged by their content. Each of these channels have their own reputation and following in their field of work. That’s why Videocon d2h boasts of the strongest content in the entertainment, sports as well as regional sector. Videocon d2h, by the way, features the biggest number of sports channels in India.

Secondly, the arrangement of the channels are made in such a way that you can see channels divided into groups by their content, language as well as genre. These different genres have different looking backgrounds over their interfaces so that you can easily distinguish them from each other. Furthermore, these channels have an audio-visual preview next to them so that you can easily see which program is being carried by which channel. In fact, there is a button on the remote that lets u jump from one genre to the other, making it easier for you to find the channel you are looking for. Plus there is the transparent OSD, that doesn’t come between you and TV every time you want to change the settings. And there is the unique information bar that shows you your city’s weather, program list, progress bar and much much more!

Thirdly, there are unique services that turn your television into a full-fledged interactive entertainment suite. Take for instance the Planet M Music Space that lets you listen to different FM radios right there on your television! Plus there’s a ticker you can summon while watching any channel, which will give you information about latest headlines, share market and weather… etc.

There’s also full parental control available with Videocon d2h, including the convenience of hiding channels as well as have certain programs blocked out; a fool-proof way to protect your child from being exposed to improper content. Plus, you can create up to four user profiles with up to 20 favorite channels listed; and different parental settings in place.
And there’s the huge advantage of the universal remote which spares you the troubles of having to use two different remotes for TV and set top box.

It’s a combination of these numerous little advantages that make Videocon d2h a completely different way to experience the television.
With its main goal being innovation and improvement, Videocon d2h is approaching future with a promise of more such pioneering features and intelligently packaged content. Within months of its launch, Videocon d2h has already established itself as a major service in the game. And as time progresses, this new DTH provider are chasing newer targets visible near the horizon.

What is Videocon DTH service?
The Videocon Direct-To-Home (DTH) service is a digital satellite service that provides television services direct to subscribers anywhere in the country. Since the Signals are directly from the satellite into your television sets, via our ODU (outdoor unit) that comprises of LNB / Dish / Co-axial cable & STB (Set Top Box) into your homes, you can enjoy uninterrupted viewing. This service is particularly valuable in remote and difficult to reach areas where cable Television and terrestrial television services are poor or non existent. DTH services also provide the finest of picture and high quality stereo sound which is considered to be second to none worldwide. Live concerts and daily television programming are all delivered to your home with the same quality as any modern movie theatre.

What are the advantages of Videocon DTH over cable Television?
Videocon DTH provides digital High quality picture & stereo sound compared to normal cable television which provides only analog signals & mono sound.
You only pay for what you want to watch unlike cable television where you pay for all the channels including the ones you don’t watch.

What are the special features of Videocon d2h?
We use highly professional equipment in our transmission center & state of art STB, to give the best viewing experience. Advanced Viewing Control Features like the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) which provides you with the 7 day programme schedule on all channels, Parental Lock which safeguards your child’s viewing options, and Pay per view – in the comfort of your own home and watch the latest block busters at your convenient time with just a touch of a button!!! Another interesting feature is tickers which provides latest updates on Stock, news, cricket, etc.

Who does the installation for Videocon Digital TV?
Our engineers are trained in both Technical & Soft skills by our highly professional group of trainers. We give an international experience not just an installation. You can schedule installation as per your convenience. Schedules may vary depending on your location / service area.

How do I get my Videocon d2h service activated?
The Videocon DTH service is activated in around 2 – 4 hours after installation. The Videocon d2h Customer Support team performs the activation as soon as they receive a completed Customer Application form. Activation may be even faster provided all requirements are met. Please feel free to use our toll free numbers 1800 1023 111 / 1800 1806 000 for any queries.

I live in a multi-block society. May I apply for the Videocon d2h services too?
Yes, however, your home will have to be visited and surveyed by the installation team and our sales team prior to installation of the d2h service. Different buildings have different solutions. Also, you may have to coordinate with your society to get permission to install a dish antenna.

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